It’s Cool To Be Soflynmythirites

It's Cool to Be soflynmythirtiesIt’s Cool to Be soflynmthirties… is a treat for women in their thirties who want to celebrate their mysterious era. Keeton’s first e-book dispels the myth that when turning thirty you are doomed! The literary selection can be read by anyone over the age of twenty-five.

kYmberly Keeton, candidly steps back, takes a look at her own journey thus far as a thirty-something, and shares her ups & downs.

The 26-page e-book provides wisdom, humor, and 30’s expertise from a woman who is smack dead in the middle! It’s Cool to Be sofynmythirties…features essays, poetry, quotes, and so much more. Get your copy today!

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It’s Cool to Be Soflynmythirites :