The Protest Cove

resized_imagejpeg_20-2-atlas brown’s latest gift to the public is a treat for all that have endured the halls of academia as writers. Who says that one has to be politically correct to be a good writer? Why not expose your muse? This is one of the many reasons the writer chose to compile a collection of short-stories from her academic experiences. As an experimental fiction writer, atlas brown makes it known throughout the work (though she fought tooth and nail to be true to her voice) that she was writing to her own beat and drum. There are six stories that will have readers wanting more of the writer’s work.

A few of the featured works include: The Sandwich, Jazz Walking, and R.O.S.E. The author proclaims that her writing is solely based off of what she believes is truth in the form of fiction, “I know that truth in fiction may sound off kilter for some, but I believe that it’s the essence of understanding reality. And, I desire to tell stories that evoke different emotions in us all.”

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