Charlie Browne (1)Charlie.Browne. is a young African American female dancer. She desperately wants to have a normal life, but doubts her own self-worth. A generational curse forces the girl to come to terms with the dysfunctional relationship that she has with her mother.

In order to escape the issues that live in her psyche, she decides to make a choice at an early age to survive. In adulthood, Charlie.Browne. has to look at her own life and realize that she has everything needed to become a woman with a purpose in life. Despite not being loved or having a cohesive family unit, Charlie.Browne. will either rise to the occasion, and dance or become a…

atlas brown, at the end of 2012 decided that it was time to share her story with the world. The short-story turned novella is a testament to women that have risen to the top despite family issues, abandonment, and low-self esteem. Charlie.Browne.2.Butahflies.&.Painky.Lillies was written at Amsterdam Coffee in Dallas, Texas in 2004-2005. The body of work will be released in December 2018.

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bluestreetluvstories-the-deluxe-edition_coverbluestreetluvstories is a experimental virtual short fiction production featuring three short stories centered in the southern region of the United States. The series has been written over a four-year period. Each story is published in segments, and depicts the lives of African American men & women dealing with issues surrounding love, commitment, and relationships.

Get ready for the last story in the bluestreetluvstories literary series in 2018. The writer has gone on record to say that the final story has been the most challenging, due to circumstances that made her stop in her tracks to examine each character and their ending plights. Each voice in the finale reveal who they truly are, deal with their issues regarding love, and accept their relationships for what they truly are in their world.

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