Journal of African American Studies, Issue About Prince


From the Journal of African American Studies: “The primary responsibility of the scholar is to put in historical, political, and social context that which has not only shaped our thinking about people, places, things, and events, but give meaning to them. For nearly 40 years, Prince was a mainstay in the world of music and pop culture, but there was more to Prince than just music. For Prince, music was a vessel through which he urged listeners to think about matters such as masculinity, spirituality, politics, racial and gender equality, gang violence, sexuality, poverty, disease, and identity. It was not surprising then that when reports of Prince’s death were broadcast on April 21, 2016, the world mourned.

In the days, weeks, and months that followed, Prince appeared on the cover of countless magazines. It seemed that tributes poured in from every industry imaginable, with the exception of academia…It is our hope that this special issue will inspire readers to access previously untapped reservoirs of creativity, help reorient the thinking of those who endeavor to pursue similar ventures that place Prince at the center of analysis, as well as prompt scholars to devise nuanced and unconventional ways to probe, study, and analyze an artist whose persona and life’s work defied convention…”

Read My Article Inside the Journal Entitled: The Electric Life of Prince Rogers Nelson

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Journal of African American Studies, Volume 21, Issue 3, September 2017. Special Issue on Prince

Diversity and Inclusion in Libraries: A Call to Action and Strategies for Success

The news and scholarly literature are replete with stories and articles describing the challenges that diverse individuals face in their local communities and workplaces. Diversity and Inclusion in Libraries: A Call to Action and Strategies for Success is arranged in three parts: Why Diversity and Inclusion Matter, Equipping the Library Staff, and Voices from the Field.

This book tackles these issues head on and should appeal to a broad audience interested in diversity as it relates to libraries and librarianship, including professional librarians and paraprofessional library staff. Offering best practices strategies tempered by experiences and wisdom, this book will help libraries realize a high level of inclusion.

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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 210

Librarians Around the World

lawIn February 2017, the New Professionals Section of the Library Association of Latvia started a project “Librarians Around the World”. Where librarians were asked to take part in adventure and to write about themselves, their libraries, library system, education opportunities, library related organization, etc. There were many responses received from all over the world. 46 librarians from 27 countries applied: Armenia, Bangladesh, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherland, Nigeria, Philippines, Qatar, Serbia, Slovenia, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, the United States of America, India, Myanmar, Tanzania, Ukraine, Spain, Slovakia, Vietnam, and New Zealand. There are 19 articles from 34 librarians published in the e-book. We plan to translate e-book in Latvian and we are open to cooperation to translate it to any other language.

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  • E-book available at the catalogue of the National Library of Latvia
  • Published | December 2018
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It’s Cool To Be Soflynmythirites

It's Cool to Be soflynmythirtiesIt’s Cool to Be soflynmthirties… is a treat for women in their thirties who want to celebrate their mysterious era. Keeton’s first e-book dispels the myth that when turning thirty you are doomed! The literary selection can be read by anyone over the age of twenty-five.

kYmberly Keeton, candidly steps back, takes a look at her own journey thus far as a thirty-something, and shares her ups & downs.

The 26-page e-book provides wisdom, humor, and 30’s expertise from a woman who is smack dead in the middle! It’s Cool to Be sofynmythirties…features essays, poetry, quotes, and so much more. Get your copy today!

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It’s Cool to Be Soflynmythirites :


befunky_afro-anything-similar- (1)A F R O C H I CK M A G A Z I N E …is a commemorative documentation of the 2013 Nzuri Natural Hair Care Festival held during December 2013, in Houston, Texas. kYmberly Keeton was a member of the writing team; she was asked by the founders of the hair care festival to create an online magazine about the festival. As the publisher, Keeton worked with a group of African American writers from different parts of the United States. Each writer had a chance to interview, document, or create an opinion piece for inclusion in the magazine. The magazine is available for download as a print magazine or can be read online for free.

The Nzuri Natural Hair Health & Beauty Festival is Houston’s first and Texas’ largest natural hair Festival. The two-day festival featured a variety of hair-centric showcases, including Houston’s Top “Natural” Hair Stylist, , Loc It or Leave It, Biggest Afro Competition “Just Froing Off”, and Nzuri’s Best Put Together Person as well as unique fashion show competitions.

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HIP HOP LIBRARIANSHIP: A Comprehensive Bibliography

Hip Hop Librarianship Book CoverThe Hip Hop Librarian Consortium, is a group of Academic Librarians from various parts of the United States, collaborating on an ongoing book-project series that features a bibliographic archive of Hip Hop scholarly resources for students, faculty, and life-long learners to use for research purposes.

The original book cover was designed by kYmberly Keeton, a Founding Member of the group. Additionally, she had the opportunity to oversee the publishing and editorial logistics for the book project. Check out the final book cover arrangement chosen by the consortium, view a flipped online book version of the book, and download the bibliography as a print document.

Read and learn more about the Hip Hop Consortium’s panel round-table at the 2017 Association of College and Research Libraries Annual Conference. Download a free copy of their e-book: LEADERS OF THE NEW SCHOOL: HIP HOP LIBRARIANSHIP BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOK. Use the hashtag #hiphopbibliolibrary for social media platforms.

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Librarians with Spines

librarians-with-spines-lanczos3“Librarians with Spines” is an anthology of 9 essays written by 11 radical librarians pushing the boundaries of social justice community service, library and information science, equitable bibliographic taxonomy, and ubiquitous information literacy. Co-edited by Max Macias and Yago Cura, illustrated and designed by Autumn Anglin, and published by HINCHAS Press, this array of minority and queer voices in librarianship and intelligent political art seeks to affirm the importance of innovative, courageous librarians facilitating effective programming and initiatives.

Completely funded by a successful GoFundMe campaign and beholden to no organization, committee, nor clique, authors include Jason Alston, Anthony Bishop, Candise Branum, Cathy Camper, A’misa Chiu, Loida Garcia-Febo, kYmberly Keeton, Diane Lopez, Kael Moffat, Mary Rayme, and Aquita Winslow. Topics range from Critlib management to the importance of ethnic caucuses, from zine librarianship to prison librarianship to Hip Hip Information Literacy.

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Extra MoJo! #2,

51ZhV+p4Y7LExtra MoJo! #2, a print anthology of 14 Black women’s poetry and flash memoir), Publication Date: July 2016

Cover image: “Maya” (photograph) © 2015 Patricia Wallace Jones

Featured Writers: Cherrell Bates * Anna K. Betts * atlas brown * Featured Writer Marcie Eanes * Rekaya Gibson * Meredith King * Diane L. Lewis * Lynda McLellan * April V. Parker * Helen Patmon * Brittany Rogers * Reena Walker * Robin G. White

*MoJo! (Maps-One Journal) was founded to encourage a writing-for-publication focus in MAPS-ONE’s BWWG of memoirists and poets, organized by New England writer Mignon Ariel King. MAPS-ONE means Memoir and Poetry Sisterhood of New England, but all Black women (21+) are eligible for publication regardless of geographic location or publication history.

Hidden Charm Press (HCP) was founded in 2011 to celebrate the writing mojo of Black women writers — who are seriously under-represented in the literary books publishing industry. HCP is the sister press of the online journal MoJo!* MoJo! was founded in 2008 as an outlet for the Black Women Writer’s Group that met in Massachusetts from 2008-2009.

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Charlie Browne (1)Charlie.Browne. is a young African American female dancer. She desperately wants to have a normal life, but doubts her own self-worth. A generational curse forces the girl to come to terms with the dysfunctional relationship that she has with her mother.

In order to escape the issues that live in her psyche, she decides to make a choice at an early age to survive. In adulthood, Charlie.Browne. has to look at her own life and realize that she has everything needed to become a woman with a purpose in life. Despite not being loved or having a cohesive family unit, Charlie.Browne. will either rise to the occasion, and dance or become a…

atlas brown, at the end of 2012 decided that it was time to share her story with the world. The short-story turned novella is a testament to women that have risen to the top despite family issues, abandonment, and low-self esteem. Charlie.Browne.2.Butahflies.&.Painky.Lillies was written at Amsterdam Coffee in Dallas, Texas in 2004-2005. The body of work will be released in December 2018.

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SOUL ALIVE! Poetry & Prose

soulalivebookcoverimageSOUL ALIVE! Prose & Poetry, is a book of poetry written for the sake of writing, dedicated to society that rejects the art form as a worthy cause and occupation. Writer and poet, atlas brown opens up the book stating, SOUL ALIVE! Prose & Poetry was written out of frustration in my studio. When you want something so bad that you can taste it, what would you do to get it?”

Read the writer’s book of poetry online for free and read reviews about the book and leave a comment for the author about her poetic words that bring life center stage. Grab your favorite beverage, turn on your reading device, and get ready for enlightenment. Buy a  Kindle e-book copy for .99 cents.

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